Poker Night in America

– From Choctaw Resort in Durant, Oklahoma, this is Poker Night in America. (upbeat swing music) Hello and welcome to Poker Night in America. From Choctaw Resort in Durant, Oklahoma, I am Chris Hanson.

This guy’s name? Joe Stapleton. – Thank you, Chris. – Comin’ up on today’s show, a local lady shows the pros what’s up and Gavin Smith and Brandon Cantu debate setting up a fight club. For toddlers.

– [Hanson] Some small buy-ins here today. Nobody going too crazy. Esther Taylor-Brady with 10,500, the biggest buy-in. – [Stapleton] I like the buy-in at 5,600, a nice, even number. – [Smith] Are we playing now?

This is official? This hand counts? – [Cantu] I don’t understand. Why am I big? Did we draw for the button?

(cross-talking) – [Stapleton] We gotta be outta here by 5 o’clock, they gotta set up for Billy Joel later. – [Smith] Good luck, people. – [Taylor-Brady] Good luck.

– [Smith] Remember I have small children, so. – [Taylor-Brady] Let’s have some fun today! – [Smith] Don’t try to mess me up too bad. – [Hanson] And welcome back Gavin Smith to Poker Night in America. – Not yet, not yet. – [Taylor-Brady] No, it’s not great.

– How small are the children? – Four and five. – Okay. – [Torelli] Oh, wow that’s cool, good for you.

– [Cantu] Gavin, I think my kids can beat your kids up. – [Smith] No chance! – Yeah, I think they can. – How the hell do you– – [Smith] No chance.

– I would bet my five year old can take your five year old. – My oldest, my five year old would kick your’s (bleep). – If he’s five, I know my kid, there’s no way.

– He would kick your kid’s (bleep). Let’s do it! Let’s set it up. – [Stapleton] This hardly sounds legal. – [Hanson] No, I don’t like where this is going at all.

– [Smith] Jaure, or whatever his last name is. – I just don’t think, I just don’t think, your five year old can take him. – And I’ll tell you one thing, if your five year old beats up my five year old, I’m gonna beat up you. (laughing) – I don’t think you can beat me up either, Gavin.

– [Taylor-Brady] Four, Alec, 50. I have bad news for you, Alec. – Oh yeah.

– [Hanson] Daphne Turner won her seat here, by logging so many hours of live play. – [Taylor-Brady] Do you have to talk about beating up children right off the, right outta the gate, guys? – [Smith] Yeah. – [Taylor-Brady] We do? OK. – And Cantu, I can definitely beat you up.

– [Taylor-Brady] Oh for sure. I could beat up Cantu. – [Smith] Well, I couldn’t beat you up, so that’s not really fair. – Etay, where do you set the line at that? Between them two?

(laughing) – [Taylor-Brady] I don’t know, we might need to have to find out. – [Stapleton] What’s the over under on what grade you stop talking about who could beat who up? – [Russell] How many drinks does Gavin have in him first? – [Hanson] I set the line at halfway through your sixth grade year. – [Stapleton] It’s a good line.

– Fives. Wow, cold-blooded. – [Stapleton] Turner gets there on the end.

More like river! Am I right? Than Turner? – Fives. – Nice hand! – Do you ever get tired of having all the money?

(laughing) – Let’s get into the nitty-gritty. (laughing) – [Taylor-Brady] Winning every single game? – How long did you live in Macau? – Three and a half years. – [Russell] Just cash?

– [Hanson] Seems like we’ve covered the whole, I’ve lived in Macau thing with Alec Torelli before. – Macau? No. – Sometimes you just lose a session just to see– – [Russell] I like Macau.

– I like Macau a lot. – [Taylor-Brady] It’s kind of a burden. To have that much money.

And win that many times. – [Turner] I’d take that burden any day. (laughing) – [Torelli] I think there’s plenty of people that have more money than me. – [Turner] I just wing it. – [Russell] No. – [Taylor-Brady] No.

(laughing) – [Himmelbrand] Nobody. – [Russell] Where’d you live when you were there? (laughing) I mean, did you get a house, or…? – [Torelli] One Central. – [Russell] Ok. – [Torelli] You know the Wynn obviously?

– [Russell] Yeah. – So the tower across from the Wynn. It’s connected to the MGM and the Mandarin. It’s the only place to live, really, if you want to play poker. We actually wanted to live at a different building, but the games are like so, like, you have to get to the Wynn so fast.

– Be close. Yeah. – Yeah, you know, there were days where I was sprinting to the Wynn. – Sure. – And if I was two minutes later I would of missed the game.

– [Russell] Right. – It was like, my rent for the year. So I just can’t, you just can’t afford to live somewhere else. – What is your monthly rent? – [Hanson] Stapes, you played in a lot of those games in Macau with Torelli, didn’t you? – [Stapleton] Ahhh…

I have not played in a lot of those games. I was in Macau once, and didn’t come within a country of mile of them. (cross-talking) – [Hanson] Russell flops a boat. – [Russell] …was all fields back then.

And when did you live there? – 2012. – [Hanson] And he just got raised. – I got there January 2012.

– [Smith] Don’t be moving in on my girl, Hanson. – [Stapleton] Is he talkin’ to you? – [Hanson] No, he’s talking to my twin brother Tad.

– [Stapleton] Oh Tad is out there again. – [Hanson] Yeah, Tad’s back again. – [Stapleton] Tad is such a creep, too.

– [Russell] I like that question. – [Hanson] And then he interacts with the table and it ruins everything. – [Stapleton] Stupid, get out of here, Tad! (speaking Italian) – [Smith] Don’t be speaking any more Spanish at the table. – [Torelli] It’s Italian, but… – I’m all in. – [Smith] Obviously!

(laughing) – Call. – [Smith] Oh, Cantu is waiting on the seven-three! (laughing) – [Cantu] Oops. – [Taylor-Brady] Cantu has a 10. He has seven plus three. (laughing) – [Cantu] Oops.

Oops. – [Taylor-Brady] Gets out-kicked by the eight – [Cantu] I was checkin’ his heart. That’s all. – [Stapleton] This is the only way Cantu can lose a pot if he gets it in debt.

If he had any equity whatsoever, he would have gotten there. – I’m not positive (incoherent). – Look at Alex. (cross-talking) – After the break, we’ll see if any two Cantu does in fact, continue being dealt two card. – I would hope so. More Poker Night in America when we come back.

– [Voiceover] For more from Poker Night, visit or find us on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Where you can see complete episodes and unedited livesteams. – [Voiceover] Welcome back to Poker Night in America at Choctaw Resort. We’re gonna do a little experiment. Coming up in this segment, we deal Brandon Cantu the deuce of diamonds and the rules for playing poker.

– And then we’re gonna see if he manages to play ’em. Just kidding, we’re not gonna do that. – You know that Etay wouldn’t even know what a deck of cards looks like if it wasn’t for me? She wouldn’t even– – (incoherent) said, she has your chips.

(laughing) If I could afford to pay that river off, because Cantu just put it in dead against me. – Yeah. But he was… yeah. – I’m so proud right now. (laughing) – That’s what I said.

If you have heart, you’re never upset. – [Smith] You know who’s gotta have way more heart than even Cantu is Cantu’s wife. Can you imagine her watching him play? (laughing) – She can’t even watch. (laughing) She’s at home on the camera like… – [Smith] Oh my god! Oh my god, did he really wanna do that?

– [Himmelbrand] He’s in the (incoherent) “Don’t do it!” – She sees the little equity thing that says 100%. – Oh yeah. (laughing) – And she’s like, “No!” – [Himmelbrand] “I don’t get it. Why is he putting all his money in at zero?”

– [Torelli] Is that more than– – [Himmelbrand] Seven’s not a good card. – The worse one is she’s watching it, and as he’s thinking, and she’s going, “Not again Cantu, please.” (laughing) “Please, Brandon, this time just fold.” – [Hanson] Matt Russell called the raise. Brandon Cantu has a decision to make on the straddle. – [Stapleton] B-Can.

– 1,300. – [Hanson] Cantu makes it 1,300. Back to Taylor-Brady.

She raises it up to 2,250. – [Stapleton] Russell’s, even though he doubled-up doesn’t have a ton of chips. – [Dealer] 2,150. – [Stapleton] This’s all-in or fold territory for Russell.

He is– – [Cantu] I call. – [Stapleton] Choosing the latter. – [Stapleton] Well, – Oh, you’re all-in? – [Stapleton] Cantu’s live. (laughing) – Dammit, I should’ve called.

– He’s got even more heart. – Oh, are you calling? – Did you say all-in? – [Cantu] Yeah. – Oh, well… – [Himmelbrand] He said I called. – How much more?

– [Cantu] Do you call? – [Taylor-Brady] How much more? – [Stapleton] 400 more. – Do you call? – I want, I need to know how much more, obviously.

– Wow, now she’s needling me, Gavin. I just wanted to make sure I got paid in full, you know? (laughing) – Yeah, I need to know how much more, I mean– – I had nines. – I love when they needle me and I have a good chance. – [Stapleton] Man, Cantu’s spending too much time with Hellmuth. He’s starting to sound like him.

– How much? – [Dealer] 2,650 total. – I feel as though the ten-deuce is gonna win this one.

– [Cantu] I do, too. It’s funny I– – 400 more? – [Dealer] 400 more. – I like it when the arro– I like it when there’s an arrogant player against me at the table. – [Stapleton] If there’s anyone who can do this, it is Cantu.

(cross-talking) – Where it comes like deuce, deuce, deuce. – I didn’t (incoherent), you know? – Hoping she didn’t have an over pair. – And hoping he’s, you know… – I mean– – I like it if she folds. – I don’t even see how you– – You’re just running really bad. If you get dealt the ten-deuce, I mean, how can you not lose 3,000?

– [Taylor-Brady] That’s a lot for me. – [Hanson] Things get very difficult now for Cantu. – [Stapleton] They sure do. – [Smith] Eight! – [Stapleton] He’s not drawing dead. – [Russell] I win.

I win. Son of a (bleep). – [Stapleton] Pocket nines would’ve been the winner there. – [Taylor-Brady] That was bad luck, in fairness. – You win a lot if he folds.

– That was very unlucky. – That’s what’s sick. Is you’re supposed to stack her. – [Taylor-Brady] Alec, would you consider that bad luck? For Brandon?

– [Torelli] Yeah. – Yeah. – You ran so well that hand, he’s supposed to stack you.

– [Russell] Yeah. – He’s supposed to fold, and then he’s supposed to call the flop and then stack you. – Yep. – Alec, can you let me have my moment, I have– That’s true.

He doesn’t need to drink. He actually doesn’t need to drink! – What do you guys want me to do? – Why don’t you come up with your own material? – [Cantu] Yeah, I mean… – Yeah, that’s Gavin’s term.

– [Himmelbrand] Yeah, that’s Gavin’s line. – What the heck? – [Stapleton] Speaking of material, I think Gavin took a prop bet where he’s supposed to do stand-up comedy at some point this year.

– [Cantu] Nobody objects? I don’t want… – [Stapleton] ‘Cause he’s always sending me bits on Facebook. “What do you think of this bit, Stapes?” As if I am the expert.

– [Hanson] Is most of his comedy now since he lives in Alaska moose-based? (laughing) – [Stapleton] There is, there’s a couple moose gags in there. – [Hanson] I don’t know how well that plays to the continental United States. – [Stapleton] Look, we’ve all woken up with a moose in our kitchen from time to time. – [Hanson] Not in the frying pan.

(laughing) – [Hanson] Up and down draw for Cantu. Torelli, with pocket kings. – [Taylor-Brady] You didn’t play the tournament? – No. – [Taylor-Brady] Did I already ask you that? – [Hanson] Torelli calls the bet.

We go to the turn. – What’s your plan for WSOP this year? – It’s undetermined so far. – [Stapleton] Cantu still semi-bluffing. – I’ll be there for some of it.

– OK. – Not as much as in the past. – [Taylor-Brady] Yeah us either. We’re not gonna do like full, full meal deal.

– [Dealer] 1,100. – [Taylor-Brady] Yeah, it’s so long. – [Hanson] Call from Torelli. – If I make a bet, it’s gonna be all-in. All in.

– [Dealer] All in. – I got a straight. – [Dealer] And a call. – [Hanson] (groans) – [Stapleton] Boy, that happened so fast we didn’t have time to commentate over it. – [Smith] The magic of Cantu. – [Dealer] 3,550.

– They never believe me, Gavin. – Well, I think you’ve earned that. (laughing) – [Hanson] Yeah, when you do have the nickname of Any Two Cantu, People will know that you will play any two cards.

– [Stapleton] It’s actually a misconception. People think it means any two cards, but it means any hand with a deuce in it. – [Cantu] It’s all just too easy. – I’m a stickler for details. – Well yeah, that’s it. That’s being observant.

– [Hanson] Well how about these two hands that are facing off? Cantu with kings, Torelli with jacks. – [Stapleton] We just saw Cantu double through Torelli. – [Taylor-Brady] Do you know Will, the blogger?

(inaudible) Oh, I should have known that. (laughing) (coughs) Do you know that he always wears these kind of pants, and it’s actually kinda scary to have to look at it all the time. – Yeah, I don’t like those pants at all. (laughing) – Gavin, you would not wear those pants? – I would not wear those pants. – You would not participate in those pants?

– No. (laughing) – [Dealer] 2,750. – I might have to join Gavin and agree that I would not wear those pants either. – I mean he has them lined up in his closet by color. By color and how tight they go around the ankle.

– When you introduce him, do you always call him Will the Blogger? – [Taylor-Brady] Yes. – Or sometimes you just call him Will?

– Always Will the Blogger. That’s his name. – All right.

– You have to call him Will the Blogger from now on. – Will, you’re from now on Will the Blogger. It’s a good thing she said that, though, because I had already forgotten your name. (laughing) – 46. – I’m all in.

– [Stapleton] Kings a 78% favorite. – I got him! – I call. – I got it. – [Torelli] You’re ahead.

– [Cantu] Hold on, one second, dealer. Oh we don’t have to flip over? Sorry, I don’t know. – Well you have to because I called. – [Tad Hanson] Yep, we do.

Supposed to show it, yeah. – [Torelli] That’s fine. – [Stapleton] And that is gonna make it really, really difficult for jacks to win. – [Hanson] My goodness. (upbeat instrumental music) Cantu has spent the first half of his day doling out the chips, and now he’s just been exacting his revenge.

– They can’t fold jacks against me, Gavin. – [Hanson] Got Liam Neeson’s special kind of skills revenge he’s been pulling out here. We’ve got more tight pants and tight plays after the break. – What’s it like to have 100 million? – I don’t have 100 million. – Okay, at the peak of all peaks (incoherent), what’s it like?

– It’s really good! (laughing) – Welcome back to Poker Night in America. Come on, dude, let’s play some poker! – [Russell] How many you got on your Twitter, Gavin? – 31.

Put a different picture on there. – It is old. On Twitter. – That’s fine. Well that’s ’cause I went from being ol’ to being old.

– [Stapleton] I personally never thought Gavin was gonna make it this far. – [Smith] It happens. – It’ll happen to you, too! It’ll happen to you too one day, Cantu.

You will not be young forever. – Really? – [Smith] Yeah.

(laughing) – I don’t believe it. – [Stapleton] Cool story, bro. – [Hanson] (laughing) – [Cantu] You don’t think I will always be like a young gun? – [Hanson] We actually got Gavin Smith set up with a new Twitter account this week while was here at Choctaw. Because somebody took control of his old account and he couldn’t get it back. – [Stapleton] Oh Gavin, that’s what you get for making your password 12345.

– [Hanson] No, it wasn’t. It was 123456. – [Stapleton] (laughing) They never go the extra distance.

– [Hanson] No, they don’t, see. Well you’re first instinct was only to five, and he said it was up to six. – OK. I don’t know. – Is that mine, or…?

– [Stapleton] Brandon Cantu kings again. – Just call. – [Hanson] I call shenanigans on that. But this time, Himmelbrand doesn’t have anything– – [Smith] …would like to get, see the stacks.

– [Hanson] To go against the kings. Just ace-jack. (laughing) – [Taylor-Brady] He just spent 700 in the dark. And we thought he needed greyhound flock. (laughing) We thought this… …idiote… – [Stapleton] Well now he’s got draws up the wazoo. – [Smith] What?

– [Stapleton] A heart, a three, an ace. – [Smith] But I don’t know what it was. – [Taylor-Brady] It’s one, it’s– – I’ll do one of of those, too.

– [Taylor-Brady] No, it’s the one of you and your wife. don’t do that. – [Smith] I don’t know.

– 1,700. – Yeah, nah, I got a good picture. I’m using this one. Again, we’re on to this issue of– – [Taylor-Brady] Yeah. – Hanson buttin’ in. – That’s true!

I actually forgot about that. – [Stapleton] Tad Hanson, get out of there! – [Hanson] I know, I know. I’m gonna talk to my mom about it. She’ll square him away. – I call.

– [Stapleton] All-in and a call. Himmelbrand all-in over the top of Cantu’s bet. (laughing) He’s got about 38% equity.

– [Cantu] Oh, come on! – [Stapleton] Gets there! – [Cantu] Come on, how did they do that to me? – [Smith] Greg was gambling a little there. – Yeah, I’m gambling. What do you think, I’m here to sit around and fold?

– Okay, camera guys, you might as well shut it down and take a break for a couple minutes here while Cantu’s gone. – [Stapleton] They have names, Gavin. – [Smith] Nothing’s gonna really happen. – [Stapleton] Don’t ask me what they are. – [Hanson] (laughing) – Why don’t we take a five minute restroom break?

For real? – [Hanson] But you do know they have names. – [Stapleton] I know they have names. – [Smith] Why don’t you go to the restroom if you need to go?

– [Stapleton] I’m sure there’s a Larry there somewhere. – [Hanson] That right there, that’s… Ahh… That one guy. I think it’s Steve? – [Stapleton] Always a Steve.

– Yeah, there’s a Steve in there. – [Russell] We were delayed anyways, like, 20-30 minutes. – [Taylor-Brady] I mean I don’t care, obviously. – [Russell] It’s just better than having people leave, you know? – [Dealer] 650. – [Hanson] Himmelbrand follows that big win up with queens.

– 650 total? – [Stapleton] We saw Russell fold nines before. I don’t think he’ll be doing the same thing with 10’s, and that is going to cost him. More than likely. – Get in here for a selfie for (incoherent).

– [Hanson] Heads up with Greg and Matt. Set of tens for Matt Russell. Wow. – [Stapleton] And that is not going to cost him.

– [Dealer] 800. – [Stapleton] Looks like Russell’s going for a raise. I’ll allow it! It’s a pretty draw-heavy board. – [Dealer] Raise. – [Stapleton] It’s gonna hit Himmelbrand’s range quite a bit.

– 3,500. – [Dealer] Raise to 35. – All-in. – [Dealer] All-in.

– Call. – [Dealer] Call. – And you always have the tens, this is true. – [Turner] I know, it’s, like, scary. – [Stapleton] Yeesh, not so sure about the way that hand went down.

– [Hanson] That escalated very quickly. – (bleep) tens again? Aw, and ya stuck it to Greg. – Brandon said nothing’s gonna happen! – You stuck it to Greg. Brandon goes away and all hell breaks loose.

– [Stapleton] Seems very reactionary. All-in, call! But I’d like to see a little more thought go into it. – That would make you low in the rankings, right? if you know they got it, and you can’t beat it, and you call it.

– Yeah, that’s not a great… – That would be a bad ranking. – …great play. – [Smith] Yeah, that– – [Russell] Oh, you had a seven?

I don’t know why I called it. I knew I had a friggin’ seven. – [Smith] Yeah, that’s a– that’s a really bad. – [Taylor-Brady] I think he got you. – [Russell] That was a– That’s the greyhound.

– [Russell] That was an absolutely stupid pull. – I think on the Alec Torelli scale of raising poker players, I would really, like, negative two. – [Hanson] Turner makes it 150 with jacks.

– [Stapleton] Ah, boy. – [Hanson] Don’t, Gavin, don’t. – [Hanson] She’s no nice. Don’t do this to her. She got in through a drawing for logging hours playing cash here at Choctaw. And Gavin Smith is gonna do her cooler style with kings over jacks.

(laughing) – I enjoy it. – [Hanson] A lotta little suited connector action here which might get in the fold. – Oh, Gavin. – Old (incoherent). – [Hanson] Must be heads-up with Turner and Smith.

– [Stapleton] The sequel to Turner and Hooch. – [Smith] Yeah, what I got on me. – [Torelli] It makes the 1,400.

– [Stapleton] Gavin slobbers just a little bit more. – [Cantu] Just showing he was, like, really pissed-off at Gavin – [Stapleton] Pretty bad flop, too, for jacks. At least when it comes to ace, king, queen, you can get away from it.

– [Dealer] 1,100. – I’ll call. – [Stapleton] This is so hard to fold an over-pair. – [Hanson] Just holding on. – …wait half an hour? I, like, legit have to– – [Hanson] Trying to win at show down.

– [Cantu] …chips off the table? – [Himmelbrand] Yeah, I have, like, maybe three came up. – [Stapleton] Hey, look at that!

– [Hanson] And then that happens! Go ahead! Bet again, Gavin!

(announcing) – And that took ’em from my pocket and put them in the stacks, so… – [Cantu] Yeah, I remember you winning, like, a… …20K pot off the game… – [Hanson] Raise, raise, raise! Oh, she just calls. – [Stapleton] Now I feel bad for Gavin. – [Hanson] Hey wait a second, I do too. – [Stapleton] Why does somebody always have to lose?

– Gavin was really clean, straightforward. He was playing, you know, bigger pairs. He always just really straightforward. So when a Jack hit the river, I knew then, I’m like, oh, good, I’m glad I, you know, hit that because I knew– I knew I needed it. But I was just willing to see it through. – Daphne Turner is doing well!

Find out how well, coming up after the break. Chip count alert! – [Hanson] Closed captioning is brought to you as a public service by Poker Night in America. – Hey, thanks for coming back to Poker night in America. Let’s see who’s got the money. The biggest winner so far is Brandon Cantu, but Daphne Turner in seat two making the most of her chance on Poker Night in America.

– [Stapleton] There’s something you don’t see very often. A big red arrow next to Alec Torelli’s name. The good news is that’s like three big blinds in Macau. – In summary, Cantu found some cards. – And our friend Daphne beat up some pros.

Next time, Phil Hellmuth brings a rich friend and no ladies. He isn’t single. God!

– [Hanson] For more from Poker Night, it’s real easy. Get online to or you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch for up to date information, unedited livestreams, and complete episodes. For Joe Stapleton, I’m Chris Hanson, we’ll see you next time on Poker Night in America. – Wait, wait, how many pounds is your five year old?

– [Taylor-Brady] Oh my god. – I there really a big weight difference in five-year-olds? – Look how big Gavin is! – I mean sometimes there is, I guess, but… – Jeez!

– [Himmelbrand] Five years old? – Well, no, no, like, you could be, like, maybe he’s like, is he, like, really tall? – Nah, he’s, like, 42 inches tall.

– [Cantu] Oh, I think mine’s got the height advantage.

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