Professional Gaming Chair Review

game chair

Screws are pre-installed, there’s only a few steps to actually getting this chair up and running a lot better than some of the other chairs that i have actually tried in the past a few simple steps and we’re up and running and ready to go. The chair does come with a lumbar support and thank God that is strapped in and is also adjustable. You can move it up and down to support any part of your back and it also aids in keeping a great posture. The straps simply work their way under and over the chair and clip into each other to keep the lumbar support pillow in place.

The chair does also come with a headrest which is simply strapped onto the top of the chair. You can see it in and you can adjust that to support your neck or to support the back of your head, depending on which feels more comfortable for you when you’re in those intense gaming moments. The chair, the lumber support and the headrest are all made out of a nice memory, foam which is nice and comfortable to sit on for hours on end. Now, the armrests are some of the most adjustable that i have seen to date. They can move up and down to make your arms level with the desk to reach the mouse. They can also move in and out so that you are close enough to the desk to also reach your keyboard and mouse.

You can move them and adjust them side to side with a bit of a swivel to create your very own personalized comfort levels. The seat does adjust right back in case. You want a quick snooze in those intense gaming moments and you need a bit of a break and we also have a really good rock and tilting feature in case.

You want to place your baby on there and put it to sleep. The seat, of course, does come with height adjustment, much like every other chair on the market and has great ball bearings in the plastic, wheels to promote a nice glide. If you ever wanted to move your chair around the bucket seat, design stops you from slipping when you were trying to move, and the sides prevent slouching in either direction to promote a good posture. Now this is a great design because it suits all body types and sizes, while keeping that posture aligned, as you would be sitting in a normal car. The majority of the framework is made from steel, so it is able to support heavy loads.

Apart from the wheels and a few plastic caps which are helping to protect vital parts, the chairs arms are unfortunately, also made of plastic. It would’ve been nice to have some sort of comfortable support at the top where your arms are going to be resting for those long, intense gaming moments. The stitching is well done and matches the secondary color of the chair. In this case, being green and the logos are all stitched in instead of printing, so that is a really nice feature that this chair has to offer.

So what do you guys think of this chair? Personally, I am in love. It got my bloody name stitched into it.

So that’s a 10 out of 10 from me, but in all seriousness it is a nice comfy chair which promotes a good posture. So for those of you with a bad back, i definitely recommend this chair for you. The armrests are very adjustable, so really it can create comfort for any shape or body type, because the headrests and the lumbar support are all adjustable, so really any shape or size. Would have no problem creating comfort in this chair. I hope you all enjoyed this really quick review.

Brooklyn George